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These leggings are in excellent condition, minimal wear. Mesh and seams intact.

Measurements are taken with item laying flat and unstretched.

Waist straight across: 13.5 inches

Rise: 8.5 inches

Inseam: 24 inches

Other item details:

Lululemon Train Times Pant 25"

Illusion Tidal Teal Bermuda Teal / Bermuda Teal

Release Date: 6/2019 Style Number: W5BXKS Original Price: $98 Material: Full-On® Luxtreme, Mesh

SOLD Lululemon Train Times Pant Illusion Tidal Teal Bermuda Teal size 8

SKU: 1233
Excluding GST/HST
  • At this time, returns and refunds are not accepted due to a high volume of items coming in, and most often are not replaceable, especially rare Lulu items! Please measure and compare to the item’s listed measurements when contemplating your purchase.

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