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Rice water-based Solid Shampoo

Updated: Feb 16

Solid Shampoo, a Solid Way To Wash Your Hair

The beauty section, it used to be that I loved going to the local beauty shop and wowing over new products for skin and hair care, but as I get older I am looking at a new way to take care of my body as I've been noticing changes, particularly with my hair. It has become brittle, and is falling out much to my imagination, quite too much hair loss! All of my blood tests are 'within range' and my physician has assured me this is "normal aging" which to anyone that knows me well enough knows that "aging" is not a word I ever mutter. I thought about all of the chemicals that are sitting in my shampoo bottles, that are supposed to give my hair a "silky shine and less breakage". I don't think the products in my shower are doing what they are claiming to do. With a little research, my goal was to find a product that would moisturize my hair and during Canadian winters, the dry air is my enemy. With much trial and error, I have found a solid shampoo bar that has changed my routine, and is slowly helping my naturally wavy hair to look just how I want!

I will delve deeper into the specific ingredients in this post, and more in future posts since I will be touching often on this topic. The solid shampoo bar brand I am now faithfully using is Viori. Their solid shampoos are fantastic! The last time I saw my hair stylist, she asked me "what are you using on your hair?" but what she really meant to say was, "stop using whatever your using, your hair is so limp and dried out!". I could see it in her eyes, I told her what I was using before I found Viori, and she just shook her head, saying, "just stop with that stuff it's no good". I won't mention that brand since I still love using some of their other products, and they are hugely known for being ethically just and do not use animal testing. It's been in a few months since I was last at the hair salon, and I'm letting my hair grow our anyway so she'll be quite surprised at how shiny my hair is the next time I need a trim.

Viori is a brand that uses rice water as part of their formula for their solid shampoo and other products and can be found here. Amazon has it reasonably priced at around $25CAD per bar, compared to some other brands. Some reviewers claim the product is too hard and doesn't produce suds, but it manufactured to give the user the most washes possible, compared to some softer type products I've used, that last a month or less. How to use: wet hair well, rub the soap in between hands several times then apply the suds to hair. I have no problem with my bar and find is suds up and rinses well. So far, this product is going strong for me since the end of January and the bar looks only mildly used. I wash my hair 2-4 times a week, and always if I've worked out and you know, sweat is just not nice, so yes washing the hair is definitely required after a workout. You might think a hair wash twice a week is not cool, but since I've been doing this new solid wash routine, my hair is healthier or at least it looks that way. It's shinier and feels smoother. I have another tip for smoother and stronger hair near the end of this blog.

*Please note that I, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from those shopping my links.

So what's so special about this solid shampoo, other than that it's solid and lasts at least a couple of months? OK, it comes in a recyclable package which you can reuse it to hold the shampoo during travel or simply to store in your washroom. I personally just put the bar on a soap dish, and have put the wrapper in my recycling bin. That is what is so special about it, very little waste! No plastic. That's it!

Viori has a solid body bar as well. I do find that their products are lightly scented, not overpowering at all.

Give Viori products a try! If you don't like the product, you can always return it so there really is nothing to lose. OK, I promised to disclose my other tips for luscious, soft hair, and a way to protect it while you sleep can be found here. It's a wonderful hair bonnet made a of soft polyester. I have been using this along with Viori products around the same length of time, since late January. This is what I have found since using these products in a routine. For me, I am experiencing less hair brittleness and breakage, and dryness, more shine, and less face/skin breakouts. It keeps my long hair out of my face at night. Think about how many times in a night that one tosses and turns, the friction our hair gets from the pillowcase. There are so many bonnets to choose from, but this was my first hair bonnet purchase and I must say, I really like it.

Another product I have been using at a post wash leave in 'treatment' is aloe vera juice. It's use spans wide, for so many benefits and I've been using it after each hair wash, and as a refresher thoughout the day. I also will mist it on my face and body after a shower, before putting on my usual moiturizer. The atomizer I use is here, and wish I had something like this ages ago instead of the usual spray bottle. I will follow up with an update in a few months on how these products have been working for me.

Have you used any of these products and what did you think of them. Are you still using any of them? Please drop a comment, and if you've found a product you love, let's hear about it. I would like to read your comment, and appreciate you for taking the time to read my blog.

*Please note that I, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from those shopping my links. Thank you so much for visiting!

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