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How did this start?

Updated: Feb 16

I'll start with my love for Lululemon and how it came to be. An old friend of mine introduced me to Lululemon back in my retail days, say around 2012. She participated in the 2010 Olympics and had received a pair of the gloves as olympic swag and she wore them at the ceremonies. I adored those gloves. I was looking for a similarly styled pair of gloves that would keep my hands warm when I was out crosscountry skiing. She asked me if I'd seen what Lululemon as to offer. I had no idea what Lululemon was. After my first purchase of those purple gloves, I was hooked! I still have the gloves and although there are holes, piling, and the reflectivity has worn off of the piping, they are still a staple on my ski sessions and long winter walks.

Lululemon has had a hold on me ever since and although I don't buy much of their new styles, I pick up the older styles on reseller sites like Poshmark and Ebay. I can find almost any Lululemon style I want. I am also an avid thrifter. I now own two Scuba Inkblot hoodies, one I've had in plastic since purchasing from Lululemon, and another #prelovedlululemon hoodie of the same pattern bought recently from Poshmark that I can wear whenever I want. I'm a little fanatical about my Scuba hoodies from the 2012-2014s. Always trying to reduce landfill waste, I look for items that I can wear or buy for friends and family. What was your first purchase from Lululemon and do you still wear it?

I also started to sell my own Lululemon items if they no longer fit, or I wanted something new in my University days, and to help me throughout the holidays with a little extra spending money. Selling on Ebay was so much fun that I kept it going. All of my items are listed on my Poshmark closet here and to a lesser degree on Ebay listings are found here. What Lululemon style do you love or miss most? #lululemon #recycleclothing #olympicswag

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